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First published in April 2017 in German by Springer Gabler (part of Springer Nature).

With the “Gross Corporate Happiness” approach, this book presents a scientifically sound management model that has been successfully applied and validated in practice. It elevates the employee from a cost factor to the economically most important driver for sustainable corporate success in the knowledge economy.

The book provides answers to the most burning questions of corporate governance in the context of globalization and digitization: How do I properly motivate my employees? How do I increase the innovation performance of my company? How do I create a culture of cooperation, agility and resilience in times of constant change?

“Corporate Happiness challenges many assumptions that are currently underlying traditional business practice. This book is a vital contribution to the economic transformation we are in right now.”

Sjoerd Luteyn Founder of

“This book is a groundbreaking work in understanding motivational structures in organizations and a milestone into new work models.”

Professor Stephan Breidenbach, Europe University Viadrina

“The approach: groundbreaking. The author: brilliant and authentic. His expertise: proven as a serial crisis manager with future focus. His detailed roadmap: Nobel price worthy.”

Peter Spiegel, WeQ Institute

Over 400 pages (@ average font size), 19 tables, 36 figures

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For more information about the Gross Corporate Happiness Model, check out the GCH-Institute Website

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About the author

Before founding the GCH-Institute, Dr. Ruediger Fox has worked for more than two decades as CEO of medium and large corporations in Aerospace, Telecom, Apparel and Engineering/Innovation. He has a record driving organizational change and transformation through values-driven strategies.

His past successes where he transformed companies in existential crisis into successful market players was rooted in a strong belief in the power of high employee motivation along with a shared purpose motive – the Corporate Soul. His innovative approach to leadership, the “Gross Corporate Happiness Model”, has not only led to high economic success in formerly unsuccessful market niches, but also to a renewed sustainable corporate culture of shared passion.

Ruediger holds a PhD in Leadership, a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor in Economics. In 2005, he received the “Spirit at Work” award in New York for his human centered restructuring work. Beside various companies, he is also advising various international Goverments in their strategy to implement new sustainable Economic Models.

dr ruediger fox

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